Senior Book - University of California, Santa Barbara


What is the Senior Book email address and phone number? (805) 893-3828 (Also, the Daily Nexus Advertising office)

Is it too late to take my senior photo?

No, Make your appointment now! Go to to book your seating time for your photo.

What times will the photographer be available?

From 9am - 1pm and 2pm - 5pm.

Do I need an appointment?

No. You may drop by any time, appointments will have priority and can be made at (their phone # is 1-800-888-5155).

Does the photographer have a cap and gown?

Yes, you may pose with the cap and gown for any sitting.

I took my senior portrait, how do I look at the proofs?

Lauren Studios emails you a link to your proof. You may select your picture for the yearbook by going to Lauren Studios should also mail them to the address you provided when you had your senior photo taken. (You then send them back asap, with an indication as to which one you want in the yearbook.) That's it!

I already took my senior portrait, but I did not choose the one I want in the yearbook, what do I do?

Lauren Studios will pick your best photo to be in the yearbook. If you did not choose your yearbook photo you may elect to either go to the retake session. Contact Lauren Studios and tell them which photo you want as your yearbook portrait. ( or 1-800-888-5155)

How do I buy my pictures?

Go to

Can I use my own picture for the senior portrait?

Yes. Submit your own portrait as JPEG or TIF on a cd with your name, #, and major on it to our office underneath Storke Tower. The deadline for this is May 14th, 2018. This is not recommended. We do not guarantee that ANY submitted photos will be in the Senior Book